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The Moose and the Birds. Birth of a Dream.

The Moose and the Birds. Birth of a Dream.

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A creative shadow theater set based on the plot of the author's kind tale "The Moose and the Birds. Birth of a Dream.".

Russian edition: ISBN 978-9916-4-1541-2
English edition: ISBN 978-9916-4-1598-6
Estonian edition: ISBN 978-9916-4-1542-9

In the kit you will find:
* 15 stencil pictures.
* Book of the same name in the language of your choice.
* Access to the audiobook with musical accompaniment by the author.
* 4 cool character figures from the story.
* Instruction manual.


    250x200x26 mm

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    • Develops creativity

      Our shadow theater kit is a real journey into a surprising world of fairy tales, fantasy and creation where anything is possible. With the help of stencil pictures or heroes, you can act out the content of a book or let your imagination wander and create a story all your own.

    • Practices memory, fine motor skills and speech

      It's not just a game, it's also a great tool to develop fine motor skills, speech, coordination of movements and concentration. In addition, the set allows children to develop their language skills and memory by reading and memorizing the characters' dialogues and telling the story.

    • Learning languages in a playful way

      Since the story has been translated into three languages - Russian, Estonian and English - it opens up additional opportunities for learning foreign languages in an easy, un-boring way.

      If you wish, you can order a printed book in the language you are interested in separately.

    • Spending time together

      This is an unforgettable, special time together with family or friends that will remain in your child's memory. And maybe even warm them later in adulthood, as is the case with good family traditions.

    • Soothing before bedtime

      Shadow theater and reading or listening to an audio version of a fairy tale can be a beautiful, unhurried bedtime ritual, a kind of "safety anchor" that gives closeness and relaxes the nervous system after a storm of impressions of the day.

    • Emotional expression

      By following the plot of a fairy tale in their play, children and, indeed, even adults learn to express and live the feelings and emotions of the characters, and at the same time understand their own. You must agree that this is a very valuable skill, which will certainly come in handy in the life of both small and big people.