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Minu nimi on MosiMosi, hoolitse ja imetle.

Mina tahan olla sinu sõbraks.


250x200x26 mm

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  • Where does MosiMosi live?

    Put MosiMosi in a glass container (house) so that he can be
    seen better.
    Put the dish in a white place in the room, but not in direct

  • How to care for MosiMosi?

    Change your new friend's water 1-2 times a week. You can also
    use tap water, but it is better to use filtered water or stagnant

  • Doesn't MosiMosi get bored alone?

    Generally not, but you can add small pebbles, shells or
    minifigures to the house to make it more exciting for it.

  • Does MosiMosi need sun?

    Yes! Turn the house over from time to time so that MosiMosi
    gets all the sun.

  • For MosiMosi, the most important thing is care!

    Make sure there is no moss or dirt on the walls
    of the house.

  • Spectate MosiMosi and enjoy its beauty.

    I want to be your friend.
    =^.^= MosiMosi =^.^=